How to Use Member Login and My Account

To sign in, click here ==>


Forgot your password? See below on how to login without knowing your password:

1. Click on the "Member Login" button above, then click on "Request new password" tab
Request new password - tab

2. Enter your username or email (the one registered in the membership database).
Request new password - username

You should see this screen after you click "Submit" button:
Request new password - email was sent

3. Go to your email and look for a message from this system (
(Note: The link in this example has been scanned by a spam filter system. If not, you should see the link begins with

Request new password - email was sent

4. Copy the link in the email and paste it to your browser.
On the browser, you should see a page with "Login" button. Click on the "Login" button
Request new password - email was sent

5. After login, you should see your "My Account" content
Request new password - email was sent

In My Account, you can follow the link, "CALA Contact Information", to update your profile.

6. To navigate back to "My Account" or Log out

Look for the links at the upper right-hand corner:
Request new password - email was sent

Note: Although this login link works only once, you can use "Request new password" as many times as you like. This can be a way to login without remembering your password (You must have access to your email, though.)

- CALA Webmaster